Roni River, Autodidact.

Grew up in both Israel and South Africa. She is now located in Israel and is a freelance photographer specializing in her own self portraits aswell as client work

Coming from an anxiety filled background, Roni found it hard to face the world some days and her self-portraits allowed her to step out of her safety zone. It has enabled her to interact with people in a way she never managed to before. In the process she has been able to reach herself and come to find a brave women lives inside of her.

" She has an amazing eye and a breathtaking library of self-portraits. Her work ranges from the playful to pensive, perfectly representing the complex young woman she is."

Shows and mentions:

'Leading Lady' Solo exhibition Gross Gallery Tel Aviv Israel 2009

'The Sea' Group Exhibition Cinematek Tel Aviv and Nez Tziyona Israel 2009

NEGIOT Group Exhibition

HATACHANA Tel Aviv Israel 2011

PORTRAIT SALON Exhibition 4 venues in the UK 2012

Interviews and features:

The Quarterly Issue #1 ( UK)
Vogue Italia (online)
Marie Claire (Holland)
Cameraluv (USA)
Musetouch Magazine (Austria)
AREA-ZINC Magazine (Spain)
Composition Magazine (Israel)
Bit Rebels
Camera Obscura
Design You Trust
MYNET (Israel)
PADMAG (korea)
First Stop
ELTORON (Brazil)
Paradigmata Magazine (Austria)
SALOONA (Israel)
UKA-MAE (Presenter and photographer)
Yediot Aharonot - National newspaper (Israel)
Yediot Aharonot Tel Aviv local newspaper (israel)
Galery Ha-aretz National Art newspaper (Israel)
City Mouse local newspaper magazine (israel) and more.


THEDESIGNED' Top 20 most inspiring 365 projects of 2009, USA 2009

Artists Wanted 'Exposure' 2nd place viewer's choice New York USA 2010

Artists Wanted 'The power of self' Judges finalist New York USA 2010

Artists Wanted 'The power of self' 12th place viewer's choice New York USA 2010


'365 Auto portraits ' 7"x7" hardcover 416 pages. Text and photos by Roni River

'Nude Closeup' by Eg Irwin an artist's collaboration featuring Roni River

'House Arrest' by Ellen Meeropol for Red Hen Press cover photo: Roni River

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